I shoot my grandfather's Remington 12GA."humpback" semi-automatic.
 A classic, and one of the best bird hunting guns around. And I couldn’t knock down a bird
if my dinner depended upon it. However, I know I love this gun and I love my right —
under the 2nd Amendment — 
to shoot this gun. 
12 Gauge Gear is proud to offer these new premium 
bullet branded
 accessories to you. 

Welcome to 12 Gauge Gear, LLC — bullet branded apparel.

Be proud of what you shoot! Wear 12 Gauge Gear!
Congratulations on discovering 12 Gauge Gear LLC - bullet branded apparel! 
Each order is embroidered locally in Minnesota.

Allow 10-14 days + for delivery of your bullet branded items.
 Thank you for checking us out!

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